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Embedded on one of the slopes of the Sintra mountain, Cantinho de São Pedro is one of the oldest restaurants in the county of Sintra, was known as the tavern of Padre Pedro and it was his daughter Adelina Meneses da Silva Luz who was granted on May 4, 1961 by the Mayor of Sintra D. António Correia de Sá (Viscount of Asseca) the license of Casa de Pasto.

On June 5, 1964, Mr. José Vicente Eusébio, Mr. José Castro da Rocha and Mr. Cipriano Alfredo Martins, constitute the limited company Eusébio Rocha & Martins Lda.

On June 8, 1964, this establishment was transferred to this Company, which still has the same commercial designation.

In 1967 the shares of the company are assigned to Etelvino Antonio Baião and Elvira de Jesus.

On January 29, 1975, the shares of this Company were transferred to António Adelmo Magueijo and António Manuel Martinho Simões, who opened the house in early February with a menu with French specialties. Shortly afterwards works are made and the restaurant has a rustic look and very close to what it still holds today.

On May 31, 1981, António Adelmo Magueijo’s shares were transferred to Marcolina de São José Rodrigues Simões, the wife of António Manuel Martinho Simões, and since then, the Cantinho de São Pedro has been owned by the Simões family to this day.

On November 3, 1987, there was a rude coup with the death of António Manuel Martinho Simões and it was then that the heirs António Pedro Rodrigues Simões and Rui Manuel Rodrigues Simões became partners in the firm with the widow Marcolina de São José Rodrigues Simões.

With an excellent group of employees, we have been able to move forward and proudly maintain the quality and service we have always used to our customers.

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